DJ Redline

Tony, known primarily by his stage name DJ Redline is a Jersey based DJ/Producer.  DJ Redline has worked hard to nurture his talent and emerge as a proficient DJ.  As he matured, he became discontent with the mediocrity of raw talent. He committed endless days and nights to practicing the art of “Turntablism”, and producing his own mixes in his home studio. While he gained confidence with his improved abilities, (from positive feedback from fans of his mixtapes/party mixes), Redline knew that selling himself to a live crowd was his next challenge.

His musical style has emerged to be one of the most consistent in his area. Redline has captured the imagination of some of today’s biggest music stars. His distinct sound of scratching, live remixing, eclectic mix of funk, soul, and blending classic breaks that cross every genre of music.

Aside from recent accomplishments, the journey continues. Redline continues to become a profound touring DJ in the most respected venues. He reflects a desire to go abroad, from performing in highly respected clubs in his tri-state area, and venturing to venues outside of the U.S. as well. Through driven ability to develop such an artsy craft, this Jersey-based DJ is destined to bring his creative style and elevate the energy to the dance floor. Redline is ready for the job.