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It’s almost here…the countdown to the most anticipated event of the year! This moment is the culmination of a lifetime of passion, love and dedication: your wedding day!

You have carefully selected the venue, planned the ceremony, the food, the drinks, and the decorations; you crafted every detail to your definitive taste and design.

It’s exciting! It’s intimate and reflective, refined yet familiar; every detail is a reflection of your mutual love and individual personalities!

After the nuptials and formalities, it’s time to celebrate! It’s time to light up the night and share with your guests a night to remember!

When every other detail of your special day is being designed to reflect you personally, why should the entertainment be any different? Instead of a generic DJ phoning in a cliché “wedding playlist” or a band playing the familiar setlist, create a musical ambiance uniquely reflective of your passion and style!

Near Dark Entertainment is here to bring your dreams to life!


Drawing from a rich, diversified pool of musical talent, Near Dark Entertainment hosts tried and true masters of their craft, acclaimed far and wide for their ability to ignite a room and fan the flames from the first note to the last dance. Experienced, real-world artists who have honed the art of reading the room- in any setting and skilled in delivering the perfect entertainment for the night of your dreams!

Let Near Dark Entertainment set the stage for your next event… literally!


Near Dark Entertainment can take care of all your entertainment needs from strategy and talent to marketing, signage and event photography. We are now also providing talent and programing for weddings.


Your wedding will be one of the most important and significant days in your life. We will work closely with you throughout the planning process to ensure that we have a complete understanding of your vision so we can provide the very best entertainment that you and your guests will remember forever.

Corporate Events

The right DJ will offer much more than just playing songs for a couple of hours. They create a mood and help keep their audience engaged and at the party.

Private Event

Whether your event is big or small, the perfect DJ can make all the difference in entertaining you and your guests

CiBon Jackson

Talent Manager/Wedding and Special Events Sales Manager
CiBon was immersed into a world of music at an early age.  As the daughter of two professional musicians, she had unique upbringing that gave her an intimate look into the inner workings of the music industry.


With over a decade of singing professionally and working with venues throughout the tri-state area, CiBon offers the knowledge and experience necessary to plan your special event.  In addition to her strong background in music , she posses a keen eye for detail and attention to visual and musical aesthetics.  With her youthful expertise, you will be in perfect hands for your special day.

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